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Payment system

Payment Conditions for our Prefab Homes (not for separate supplies not part of a prefab home, such as timber, doors, windows, wooden roof shingles, etc. The payment system differs for these items and depends on volume) 

Except for the lower amounts we offer a flexible payment system. Payments are always the source of contradictive rules: paying first or supplying first. Apart from expensive L/C's, bonds, or guarantees which only benefit the banks a sound and safe payment is merely based on trust and integrity. We have set up a system where the client is free to chose which payment system will  suit best.   

For orders less than USD. 6,000: 90% payment in advance. 10% prior to shipment. 

For variation orders a prompt payment is required.

 For orders over USD. 6,000
We provide three options:

Option A
D/P 10%
1st installment: 15% against a pre-assembly progress of 20% (milestone 1)
2nd installment: 40% against a pre-assembly progress of 40% (milestone 2)
3rd installment: 20% against a pre-assembly progress of 75% (milestone 3)
4th installment: 15% at completion and prior to shipment (milestone 4)
Material price escalations, if any, apply for this option.

Option B
D/P 15%
1st installment: 20%, against a pre-assembly progress of 25% (milestone 1)
2nd installment: 40%, against a pre-assembly progress of 45% (milestone 2)
3rd installment: 15%, against a pre-assembly progress of 80% (milestone 3)
4th installment: 10% at completion and prior to shipment (milestone 4)
Material price escalations, if any, apply for this option.

Option C
D/P 30%
1st installment: 30%, against a pre-assembly progress of 35% (milestone 1)
2nd installment: 25%, against a pre-assembly progress of 55% (milestone 2)
3rd installment: 10%, against a pre-assembly progress of 85% (milestone 3)
4th installment: 5% at completion and prior to shipment
Material price escalations, if any, apply for this option.   

Option D
D/P 70%
1st installment: 5%, against a pre-assembly progress of 45% (milestone 1)
2nd installment: 15%, against a pre-assembly progress of 75% (milestone 2)
3rd installment: 5% against a pre-assembly progress of 90% (milestone 3)
4th installment: 5% at completion and prior to shipment (milestone 4)
No material price escalations with this option.


Our projects are priced on the basis of the USD. In the event that payments will be made in Euro or any other currency the payment for the installments will be adjusted against the conversion rate between USD. and that currency (up or down) at the moment that the invoice is issued. Price escalations apply for option A, B and C in the event that raw materials have increased in price since the start of the project. Adjustments will be made to the invoice accordingly over the costs for the remaining materials needed to complete one or more milestones.  

Invoices, terms and conditions
Pro Forma invoices will be sent by e-mail.  1% local bank charges will be added to each invoice. Nett. payments to be made by telegraphic transfer.
Payments for installments need to be received not later than 7 calendar days after client has received the Pro Forma invoice. P.T. Bali Prefabworld reserves the right to halt or suspend the works if payments are delayed, until the funds have been credited to our account.
P.T. Bali Prefabworld reserves the right to increase the prices with the costs for unexpected charges and/or fees imposed by the Government of Indonesia related to new or revised export regulations for the goods.  
The goods will be released for shipment as soon as the full payment for the final installment inclusive of any outstanding payment(s) has been received.

Bank transfers
We are at the receiving end of the payments made by the client. International bank regulations state that a payemnt shall not be in transfer longer than 3 working days. However, not all banks comply with this regulation and keep the money longer in deposit than regulated. In order to allow us to trace where the money is or is kept in the bank deposit we advsie that the client asks for a copy of the MT103 transfer slip and e-mail this to us.  Banks will be more careful with upholding a payment when we are in possession of a copy of this slip. 

Payment by credit card
Payment by credit card is not an option, unless the client accepts high fees imposed by the payment providers. These payment providers charge 9% for international commercial payments to Indonesia.    

Progress payments, how does it work.
Each project with a value over USD. 50,000 will be fabricated following a pre-determined time and material schedule, shaped in a graphic called the S-curve. At 2, 3 or 4 pre-determined intervals a cut-off date will be set, linked to a milestone (such milestone normally falls at the cut off date). When a milestone is reached a payment installment needs to be made. Proof and evidence of a milestone will be furnished by pictures.    
S-curves are an important project management tool. They allow the progress of a project to be tracked visually over time, and form a historical record of what has happened to date. Analyses of S-curves allow project managers to quickly identify project growth, slippage, and potential problems that could adversely impact the project if no remedial action is taken.

 S-curve   Typical S-curve

An S-curve also provides the client a clear indication of the progress and whether or not slippage (*) may occur.

(*) Delay days due to bad weather, local ceremonies, national holidays, Acts of God and/or force majeur. Any of such events will timely be notified to the client.   

We will soon install an internet CCTV system allowing the client - wherever in the world - to verify the progress based on the actual CCTV picture


Alll materials purchased by us from the payments made for option A and B will revert to our company upon cancellation of the order. No refunds will be effected. All materials purchased by us from the payments made for option C and D will revert to the Owner, whereas the retention money will revert to the company. Shipment costs to be borne by Owner. 


In the event that a client wishes to delay his project and/or would like to have his unit stored for a certain period on our yard we will charge an amount of USD 1.80 per day per m3 of wood to be stored. 

Reviews from Bali Prefab World

"We ordered a 180 m2 unit from P.T. Bali Prefabworld late 2015 to serve as a mock-up model for New Caledonia . We unexpectedly visited the yard of Bali Prefabworld 2 times as to check the progress and verify the quality. We were stunned........ It was exactly what they promised us to build: Top, top, top quality. This undoubtedly showed their high professionalism. Before we ordered the unit with Bali Prefabworld we had visited a number of other prefab wooden house companies in Bali but those were either non-responsive, or were building something we did not like at all; cheap materials and not according to proper workmanship. We have meanwhile ordered 2 more large units from P.T. Bali Prefabworld and will order more in the future. We strongly recommend this company to anybody intending to buy a wooden prefab house. We would be happy to answer all of your questions and share with you our experience". 

Review from: Mr. Olivier Pham, Noumea, New Caledonia

Project: Building wooden prefab house for New Caledonia
Date: 20-07-2016
Rating: 5 out of 5

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