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Models Syring, Galega and Daffodil

Notification: The drawings once enlarged are NOT to scale. Their purpose is for viewing only, as such screen prints are inaccurate regarding to scale. If you wish to make a copy or a screen print of a drawing you will accept that a cookie will be added to your web browser for marketing purposes.


 Model SYRING, Code A-11



Syring floorplan  Syring front elevation  Syring right side elevation
Floor plan Front elevation

Right side elevation

 Syring left side elevation  Syring rear elevation  
 Left side elevation  Rear elevation  

Total net. interior sided area: 18.6 m2 (200 sqft)
Deck area: 3.9 m2 (42 sqft)

Building footprint area: 3.87 x 7.57 meter (12' - 8 1/2" x 24' - 10 1/8") 
Roof edge footprint area: 4.47 x 8.45 meter (14' - 8 1/8" x 27' - 8 5/8")

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 Model GALEGA, Code A-48



 Galega floorplan  Galega front elevation  Galega right side elevation
 Floor plan  Front elevation  Right side elevation

 Galega left side elevation  Galega rear elevation  

 Left side elevation

 Rear elevation  

Total net. interior sided area: 22.2 m2 (239 sqft)
Deck area: 9.8 m2 (105 sqft)

Building footprint area: 4.16 x 8.60 meter (13' - 7 5/8" x 28' - 2 5/8")
Roof edge footprint area: 6.06 x 8.06 meter (19' - 10 5/8" x 26' - 5 3/8")


 Model DAFFODIL, Code A-42



 Daffodil floorplan  Daffodil loft area Daffodil front elevation 
 Floor plan  Loft area  Front elevation

 Daffodil right side elevation Daffodil left side elevation  Daffodil cross section 

 Right side elevation

 Left side elevation  Cross section

Total net. interior sided area (wooden part only): 11.8 m2 ( 127 sqft). Full unit: 23.1 m2 (248 sqft)
Deck area: 9.8 m2 (105 sqft)

Building footprint area: 3.94 x 9.82 meter (12' - 11 1/8" x 32' - 2 1/2")
Roof edge footprint area: 7.76 x 12.45 meter (25' - 5 1/2" x 40' - 10")

NOTE: The bathroom section of this unit will be made from bricks and is not included in our price. The onner shall arrange for this part of the house by himself. However, if desired, the bathroom can be made in full wood for which we will submit a price for this variation. 

Reviews from Bali Prefab World

"Of so many websites I had visited, yours is one of the best designed and focused. I am truly surprised at the amount of information regarding your company's expertise and experience that you willingly publicized online.

It's little wonder that copy cats are lining up, salivating to emulate your achievements. However they will never be able to muster the expertise in both structural and architecture knowledge that is endowed in the educational background.
Few also will be able to emulate your:
o  business integrity (which is extremely rare nowadays)
o  passion to experiment on what works best and continually incorporating them into your design and end products and
o  using the highest quality raw materials and their treatments thereof to ensure a defect free building that will withstand the     test of time.
Little wonder that your company is the foremost prefabricated wooden house company in Indonesia.
Keep up the great work and may I wish you the very best for years to come
Leong Yue Peng, Malaysia."

Review from: Mr. Leong Yue Peng, Malaysia
Project: Visiting web site 
Date: 16-07-2016
Rating: 5 out of 5.

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