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For those who want to be informed about a director of a prefab wooden house company in Bali who is obsessed with his actions to constantly discredit our company because he is jealous and does not seem to understand what fair and honest competition is, should read the below, followed by opening the yellow underlined link at the end of this page, showing himself in his true colors. 


The reason that we have posted this narrative is based on the very unsporting and dirty way the director of this company constantly tries to undermine our company as to inform his potential clients not to visit us and/or deal with us, only because he argues that our company name is the same as his company name (we are P.T. Bali Prefabworld, his company name is P.T. Bali Prefab). Any keen reader will understand that there is a world of difference between these names !!!!!


When we are unexpectedly visited and/or approached and/or called by phone by potential clients who accidentally are of the belief that we are P.T. Bali Prefab we sportsmanlike tell them (*) that such is not the case and provide these clients the address of P.T. Bali Prefab. However, vice versa, the director of Bali Prefab will not do that, on the contrary we have hard proof and evidence that he is constantly poaching on our preserves informing his visitors that we are an illegal company and dangerous to deal with, whereas we steal his ideas and projects.

(*) We may well stop our sportive gesture soon. 


Let us be very clear:
We are a fully legalized Indonesian limited liability company havng a ministerial signed Act of Association in place with a company name fully approved by both the Minister of Justice and the Minister of Corporate Affairs. If our company name would have been the same or too close to an existing name, one or both of the Ministers would never have approved it. Nonetheless this director tells his clients since 4 years that he will take court action against us regarding our name. This will not work for him since we have a Government appoved company name and have proof and evidence of the following:

1. He sends spies on a regular basis to our office pretending to be genuine customers but in fact they are spying on us.

2. He has many tricks on his sleeves, such as asking one of his a friends to order a number of units at random from our web site for a project on a nearby island of Bali. The total number and the wide diversity of his order made us suspicious. In addition this person did not seem to be interested at all in the units but was solely interested in obtaining a copy of our Act of Association. We informed him that he could pass-by our office to read it. That was not what he wanted, he insisted in having a hard copy or would drop the project. It was not a project at all and we later found out that this hard copy was intended for his friend the director of Bali Prefab.

3. We have a key witness who has an e-mail in hand (with a copy in our possession) sent by this director during we were about to start a project for this client, tellling that we are an unreliable company, having a fake company name and are doing this project for her on an illegal basis.

4. We have hard proof and evidence in hand of a fraud attempt by this director to break-in and compromise our company Google g-mail account. It was discovered and intercepted by Google who immediately notified us about this fraud attempt. The e-mail dates from January 19, 2018.

5. We have an e-mail in hand in which he instructs a client from Egypt who contacted us for a project not to deal with our company but rather move to his company since we were an illegal entity not to be trusted.

6. He sends his friends or company colleagues to call us and straight away asking if we are "Bali Prefab". We became suspicious after receiving such calls on a regular basis with the same question, whereas we strongly believed that this director records these calls as to catch us red handed if we say "yes". We are not that stupid. Of course we always say "No, we are Bali Prefabworld" and explain what is described in paragraph B above.

7. On one instance we were visited by a client and his wife who had engaged a Balinese guide and driver to come to our office. During the discussion the Balinese guide informed us that these 2 visitors had also been to Bali Prefab one day earlier with him and had met with the director. The guide informed us that this director told dirty stories about our company and strongly advised them not to deal with us. The 2 visitors decided to visit us and hear the stories from the horse's mouth, whereupon they made the ad-hoc decision to award their project to our company since they were of the opinon that foul play would not serve them.

What kind of person is this?

Well, it says it all in point 1 thru 7 above, in partlcular of what he tried to do in point 4. This is not the first time of flagrant immoral misconduct by this person. A very serious event can be read in his rip-off report via the underlined yellow link below.

We have been silent since he started his slander and smear campaign against our company 4 years ago. Frankly speaking we were of the opinion that he would be more talented and remorseful as to have taken the chance to reconsider his actions, come to terms and sportsmanlike take up his business by doing his best to beat his competitor. He does not seem to be interested in that, as he continues his dirty activities whereas he does not seem to have any consciousness as to his disgraceful wrongdoings.

The acceptable boundaries of our Indonesian director have now been crossed whereas she has engaged our lawyer as to find out whether the disclosure of what is outlined above and the mentioning of the link below on our web site is allowed. Our lawyer fully approved our action which can be considered a company protection matter and a defending maneouver against slander and foul play. On our lawyer's indication our director ordered to take immediate counter measures via our web site as to disclose his smear campaign and inform our visitors about the existence of his rip-off report on the internet.

For those who want to be informed about this director of Bali Prefab who enjoys his game to discredit our company should read this: https://www.ripoffreport.com/reports/bali-prefab-dani-yuliadi/denpasar-select-stateprovince-/bali-prefab-dani-yuliadi-pt-bali-prefab-and-dani-yuliadi-i-have-been-lied-to-cheated-an-661978 and we are the last to say that you should not deal with his company. We kindly leave this to your own discretion.

For the person referred to in our narrative above we would like to quote Anne Frank:


Survival of the fittest


Reviews from Bali Prefab World

"Dear Bali Prefabworld. Our container arrived a few weeks ago and we have meanwhile re-assembled the structure without any problem. All parts fitted perfectly. The instructions on the re-assembly manual with the 3-D sketches were amazingly precise. The wood is beautiful and everybody loves the fantastic carvings. No cracks no warping anywhere to be seen. The next project will be yours".
Review from: Gary Peton, Maui, Hawaii
Project: Veranda + round access steps and 3-D carved railing system for Maui, Hawaii ,
Date: 28-06-2010.
Rating: 4,5 out of 5.

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