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Rendering our architectural services may be the cheaper option


Our company offers the possibility to render design services which may include architectural drawings and/or structural calculations for a design in accordance with your own requirements and/or a design following your modifications to one of our standard designs. If necessary we would be happy to coordinate with your architect should you have engaged such person as to assist, help and advise him/her on our special special prefab system. We offer a variable design package which can be tailored to fit to your wishes and requirements, divided in a number of stages (see below). Very rarely architects offer free of charge services. They will offer you a design against a certain architectural fee. We are not different, except that we will refund the full design fee in the event that a  fabrication order materializes. Our design fee depends on the number of design stages we will be involved in. You may review the stages below. We would be happy to provide  a number or references of clients for whom we were engaged in the preparation of a design package.        



Our company does not only build prefab houses but also renders design services which may include architectural drawings and/or structural calculations and drawings.  So you wish, our team of architects and engineers are available to cooperate with your archtect and/or engineer to review the design as to match this with our typically developed prefab system. We may also design in accordance with your local circumstances, hence based on locally available building materials. We have so far successfully designed projects for Hawaii, Panama, a number of Caribbean islands, islands in the Pacific and Northern Indian Ocean, wheras the client could obtain the full building license from the Building Authorities without any comments.  

You may be interested in having us engaged in one of the following services;

♦ we prepare a design based on your sketch or ideas,
♦ have one of our standard designs modified to your wishes and requirements,
♦ have a design prepared from scratch, 
♦ wish to  buy one of our existing standard designs for self build, either in Bali and surroundings or in any other country. Click <here>  


The stages of architectural services are described below;

 Stage a:  Project initiation
 Stage b:  Schematic design
 Stage c:  Pre-design
 Stage d:  Basic design
 Stage e:  Detailed design + 3-D render
 Stage f:  Construction drawings + technical specifications
 Stage g:  Bid documents and evaluation of bids

The nature of the decision making process, Owner's directives, and the level of design input requested, all affect the overall design fees.  Therefore, fees can only be estimated at the start of a project based upon the potential size and complexity of the project and intended work to be carried out by us.  A full scope of architectural services often falls within the range of 10% to 15% of the cost of prefabrication.
The stages of architectural services are described below. Each category notes a percentage of time that we typically spend in that phase. The total of the percentages will determine the desigm fee.

The following explanation may be a helpful tool to determine to which stage and degree your design should be worked out or wish to be worked out.

 Stage a:

If you only need a a set of drawing for a quick review for own use 

Review client objectives, aesthetics, space planning, financial goals and schedule.  Establish program of spaces with rough square meter or footage for Owner approval. 

The initial plan comprises a floor plan with main dimensions and all elevations. No cross sections and details will be provided. The sketch plan is widely used for a first interpretation of the design by the owner for a global review whether the project will fit and match the owner's requirements. The conceptual design is in a very primary stage and in most cases will require an upgrade to stage b and c or even to stage d

 Stage b:

If you only need a set of drawings for a first global quick review by the local building Authorities

The schematic design comprises a more detailed worked out plan with all dimensions, all elevations and some cross sections. The concept comprises one plan. Minor changes and/or modifications will be accepted until the client is satisfied, whereas a second concept may be worked out, however, in the event of drastic and major changes on any of the concept (1 or 2), a new modified concept will be drafted against a variation order of 10% of the fee due for this stage, a fee which is non refundable. The same holds for a 3rd, 4th, 5th, etc. concept. During the conceptual design we will in broad lines consult on the program of requirements (if available). A ballpark figure on the cost for the house will be submitted. A conceptual design is widely used for a first assessment by a Building Authority, council or county whether the project will be eligible for a building permit.

 Stage c:

The drawings prepared in this stage can be used to invite a contractor to submit a ballpark figure for the building costs 

The pre-design. This stage comprises the preparation of the plan in more detail, worked out elevations, cross sections, type of windows and doors and if so required we will prepare a pre-design structural calculation. We will consult in detail on the program of requirements (if available). The main structural dimensions will be determined in this stage. The client may request for changes as long as these changes do  not change the concept. The maximum time spent on changes shall not be more than 10% of the fee due  In the event that more changes are being requested a similar procedure will be applied as mentioned in Stage b.

 Stage d:

If you would like to inquire for a quotation from a contractor within an error price level of plus or minus 10%, or in the event that you need a quotation based on a re-generation of your drawings into our prefab system drawings.   

Stage d is the basic design stage. This stage is recognized by the detailing of the structure, preparation of all pertinent cross sections, typical details, foundation lay-out, worked out floor plans, windows, doors, etc. During this stage final late changes are still allowed, however, to a maximum time spent of 5% of the fee due. Time spent in excess shall be reimbursed against a variation order similar to Stage a. Once the client has approved the basic design a detailed structural calculation may need to be prepared (*). No changes to the drawings will be possible unless the client agrees against a payment of USD. 50./hour to accomplish these changes

 Stage e:

This stage is required for the application of a building permit (local council or county (*)

Stage e is the final design phase. Drawings will be worked out into fully detailed construction drawings and foundation plans added.  
Note: All of the designs for a Building Authority, council or county need to be rubber stamped by a local architect or engineer. The client may at his own discretion engage an architect or engineer of his choice, or alternatively may ask help from our company for rubber stamping against an additional fee.

 Stage f:

In the event that you wish to engage a contractor to build the unit for you based on our detailed drawings and technicla specifications

In stage f  the technical specifications will be drafted, detailed foundation plans worked out and plumbing and electrical plans added

 Stage g:

If you wish to issue the project for bidding by a number of contractors

This is a full detailed design package and will provdie any contractor all the tools to properly calculate his price for assembling the prefab houee. This stage includes the shop drawings. These are drawings detailed to the millimeter and shows each drilling hole, bolt location, dimensions of recesses and rebates, etc. of each part of the structure (every board, beam, column, truss chord, panel frames etc), With these drawings at hand it will be a piece of cake for your contractor to build the house exactly as we would have prefabricated it. This option may save you a significant amount of money since you do not need to ship the unit whereas you may use the whole package to invite a number of contractors to submit a bid and engage the lowest bidder. The process is that simple that with some DIY experience you may even do it all by yourself . View a number of drawings which are part of a full design package

 (*) A Building Authority may require that a static structural calculation be submitted. We strongly advise you to verify this with your local Building Authority. In the event that such calculation is required we will be able to prepare such calculation against a variation order. The structural calculation will be prepared in accordance with the IBC 2009 (latest USA codes) and will include an analysis for cyclone wind load resistance and/or earthquake loads if such is a mandatory requirement by the Building Authority depending on the location you will build. Extra costs will be  involved for the preparation of a structural calculation.


If you decide to place a fabrication order with us after a formal approval has been obtained from the building Authority we will refund the full design fee except the costs for the structural calculation (if needed). We guarantee approval from the Building Authority on both our drawings and/or structural calculation.

We will also be able to add the design drawings for the electrical and/or plumbing installation against a variation order.


In accordance with our company policy we will not submit any drawing whether or not shown on our web site or based on the above mentined stages prior to an order. Once we have received a D/P we wil submit the drawings which are eligible for small changes and/or modifications by the client without price consequences as long as the overall concept will not change.  


Reviews from Bali Prefab World

""....we are now convinced we would like to work with your company. Despite the fact that your internet site does answer most of our questions (if not all) we believe it was important to meet face to face. Many thanks for the contructive exchange we had and looking forward to our great collaboration for our project in Guadeloupe."
Review from: Sandrine Chambron, Guadeloupe
Project: Resort in Guadeloupee 
Date: 19-05-2016
Rating: 5 out of 5.

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