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Wind loads during a Hurricane or Typhoon are enormously powerfull and can be deadly and destructive in particular for wooden hosues. Prefabricated wooden houses are extremely sensitive for unbalance. It is therefore a prerequisite that wooden prefab houses be designed in accordance with the proper codes if such house is to be built in a cyclone belt. Based on our 40 years of experience we guarantee your Prefab Bali House will be designed accordingly by applying the IBC 2013. For the USA the applicable amendments which are in force for the County where the unit will be built will be applied. Many other countries acknowledge the IBC 2013 Where necessary our designs will be upgraded to cyclone rating against a variation order for the extra costs to reinforce the standard structure.   


In September 2004 one of our buildings withstood hurricane Ivan that struck the Cayman islands
In November 2009 a 2-storey unit designed and prefabricated by us lost only some roof tiles when the island of Sta. Lucia in the    Caribbean was hit by hurricane Thomas
Early November 2013 the Phillipines were hard hit by typhoon Haiyan. Our A-2 model sustained the 315 km/h (196 Mph) storm
Early September 2017 most houses on the island of St. Maarten (Caribbean) were destroyed by the category 5+ hurricane "Irma". Structures and houses designed by our company survived this hurricane. If you haven't already read the Irma article on our home page you may read it < here > 
Mid September 2017, hurricane Maria strikes the island of Guadeloupe. The unit that was supplied by us early 2017 fully survived the ordeal without any damages. If you haven't already read the Irma article on our home page you may read it < here > 





All of our wooden houses with destination "cylcone or hurricane belt" will be analyzed on cyclone wind forces in accordance with the United States governing codes and regulations, subject to local amendments and provided such analysis is mandatory for the location to build.    

Wind loads during a cyclone, named a Hurricane in the Caribbean and a Typhoon in the Pacific, are enormously powerfull and can be deadly and destructive. Refer to Hurricane Katrina which hit New Orleans very hard and Typhoon Haiynan which played havoc in the Phillipines. A mature hurricane or typhoon consists of bands of rotating thunderclouds and heavy rainstorms. Hurricanes (only occurring at the Northern hemisphere) spiral in counter clockwise direction around the center (eye) of the storm. Typhoons (only occurring at the Southern hemisphere) rotate in clockwise direction. The wind speeds are highest in the eye. The whole storm system can consist of hundreds of thunderstorms and measure up to 1,000 kms (over 150 miles) in diameter. To qualify as a hurricane or typhoon a storm must produce winds of over 33 meter per second (193 Mph, or 119 Km/h). Cyclones can be devastating, in particular when a structure has low stability.              

The wind loads in the Hurricane or Typhoon belt depend on the Saffir-Simpson scale in which category such storm is assigned. A category 5 storm may well reach a devastating wind speed of 155 Mph (252 km/h). In accordance with the IBC 2009, the highest basic wind speed may occur at the Southern Hemisphere (Typhoon) measuring 170 Mph (276 Km/h). The Hurricanes in the Caribbean storm belt are mostly assigned to a maximum of a category 4 storm with a maximum speed of 145 Mph (235 Km/h). The Hawaiian islands are assigned to category 2 with a maximum wind speed of 105 Mph. Recent scientific studies, however, reveal that the Hurricane and Typhoon wind forces will increase considerably during the next decennium due to global warming. In consequence and as per the scientific prediction we have arbitrarily increased the standard IBC wind loads with 10% for extra safety. The standard construction for our houses is based on a normal general highest wind load, however, the construction will be modified based on the the results of our structural analyses for the hurricane or cyclone area where the house is to be built

We will use hurricane anchors in the structure when the design needs to withstand hurricane wind forces.


Our cyclone rated truss structure 


Units that we designed and supplied for cylcone areas which all survived.

Caribbean-8 November 16 2016  Raflesia p3
Sta. Lucia, unit survived hurricane Thomas Guadeloupe, Caribbean, unit survived hurricane Maria St. Maarten, Caribbean, unit survived hurricane Irma
Phlippines-1 Watthey building after Irma The hurricane rated structure of the unit at the left was designed by our senior technical advisor in the year 1972 just after his University graduation and not only survived hurricane Irma but 3 others as well.  
 Phlippines, unit survived hurricane Hainan  St. Maarten, Caribbean, unit survived hurricane Irma  



Protect your doors.
Either install hurricane doors or protect the doors with dead bolts, strong locking mechanisms, secure side-by-side doors, reinforce the glass areas with protection board 
Protect your windows.
Do not waste your timr taping your windows. Tape offers pratically no protection. Install storm shutters, reinforce the glass areas with protection board    
Protect your roof
Have us designed the roof trusses and wall framing to cyclone rating.
Protect yourself
Add a safe room to your house.



Reviews from Bali Prefab World

""....we are now convinced we would like to work with your company. Despite the fact that your internet site does answer most of our questions (if not all) we believe it was important to meet face to face. Many thanks for the contructive exchange we had and looking forward to our great collaboration for our project in Guadeloupe."
Review from: Sandrine Chambron, Guadeloupe
Project: Resort in Guadeloupee 
Date: 19-05-2016
Rating: 5 out of 5.

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