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When driving nails in hardwood you may experience the misfortune of having a large crack appear, or even a piece of your timber break out at an edge. In addition any nail driven in hardwood will set due to high friction caused by the wood cells around the driven nail (similar to the build-up up of friction when you drive a pile in the subsoil). The resistance of the nail shank to withdrawal for a piece of hardwood is therefore very high and needs a lot of force to take out. So, you may wonder what will happen if nails are used to connect prefabricated hardwood parts which need to be taken out during the dismantling process:           

    Driven-nail-1 This will happen: And that is the main reason that we do not use any nail in our hardwood prefab structures. Ther are a few solutions to solev cracking, however, these are time consuming, expensive and do not guarantee an undamaged connection.

 Remedies may be:

 Dot-1 Dip the the nail in petroleum jelly (*), which reduces the friction of the driving process, and can decrease the probability of the wood splitting.
(*) Some wood species will show ugly black stains after an application with petroleum.

 Dot-1 Pre-drill a hole slightly smaller than the nail's shaft diameter. This will reduce the pressure of the nail penetration and shafty friction without decreasing the nail's grip on the wood.

 Dot-1 Use the smallest diameter nail which will do the job, however, this can only be done when these ugly steel connector plates will be used and tens of nails be driven thru the plate holes.
 Dot-1 Blunt the point of the nail with the hammer. This is done by placing the nail on a hard surface with the point facing up, and tapping the sharp end with a hammer. The nail will then cut its way through the wood grain, rather than wedging a pathway. Though this puts all the material displacement along a single plain, rather than dispersing it all around the point of the nail.
 Dot-1 Where end nailing is necessary, angle the nail so that it can be started farther away from the end, but the nail will still get a bite into the other wood part it is being nailed to.
 Dot-1 Back any nail out if a crack begins to appear while driving it. A tiny crack is a sure indication the wood will split if you continue. 

After having read the above you will certainly agree with us that it is a much better method not to use nails, but pre-drilled screws or treads as to avoid that cracks occur or parts will split or break off, which is so often the case when nails in hardwood are used.   

Reviews from Bali Prefab World

On November 7, 2013 typhoon Haiyan, known as typhoon Yolanda in the Philippines, was the second deadliest on record that hit the archipelago killing over 4,000 peoiple which we deeply regret. The system's one-minute sustained winds reached to 315 km/h (196 mph), unofficially making Haiyan the 4th most intense tropical cyclone ever observed and made it the strongest tropical cyclone to make landfall on record. Our engineering department designs our units in cyclone areas to cyclone rating and have added a 10% additional wind force to the general cyclone design codes to cope with global warming, introducing stronger cyclones in the future. Our unit A-2 sustained typhoon Haiyan and survived. This is what the owner wrote us:
"There were minor damages and the roof remained fully in tact. Your clients should know though that this house was properly designed and built with typhoons in mind. Good job Bali Prefab World".
Review from: Ron Catto, Philippines
Project: 50 m2 unit
Date: 21-11-2013
Rating: 5 out of 5.

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