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 Indonesia-1 Indonesia-2  Indonesia-3 
650 m2 villa in near Ubud Roof truss structure of the Bali villa


 yoga 02  Indonesia-8 Indonesia-6
 Yoga building in Singaraja, Bali Yoga room for a hotel in Singaraja, Bali Lumbung in Canggu


Canggu p1  Canggu p3  Canggu p4 
Roof structure Canggu  Roof structure Canggu Roof structure Canggu

This roof was designed by our engineers and built on top of an existing concrete roof slab of a villa close to open ocean. So far It sustained 3 earthquakes, among which a 6.4  Richter and sustains inbound gale force wind (35 knots or 65 km/h). 



Bungalow in Tabanan    


 Party deck p1 Party deck p3 Joglo 7 small
Party deck  during construction

Antique Keranka (1)

Inside the antique Karanka (2)
Party deck p4 Party deck p5 Joglo 8 small
Party deck complete (1)
Party deck complete (2)  Party deck complete (3)
NOTE: The core for this party deck was made from an antique carved joglo frame from East Java, See picture Keranka 1 and 2






Reviews from Bali Prefab World

"I contacted Bali Prefabworld while looking for a suitable contractor to design and build a Joglo style structure above the existing flat roof of our house in Canggu. Bali. The builder we had used for the house had not installed the sealing membrane properly and we were plagued by leaks and had decided to build the additional structure to help keep the water out and give us some really nice additional space on top of the house looking at over the rice fields. "

I was very concerned about getting a proper design that was both strong enough to withstand the occasional high winds and not degrade the integrity our house – basically we did not want the Joglo to end up in the rice field and leave a big hole in the roof where it had been attached!

Bali Prefabworld was extremely professional in every aspect – they managed to design a structure that was strong, did what we wanted and looked good.

The installation went as planned and we are completely satisfied with the end result.

I would definitely use Bali Prefabworld again!

Review from: Don Silcock, Canggu, Bali, Indonesia
Project: Joglo roof
Date: 31-01-2016
Rating: 5 out of 5.

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