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Do not believe that our wooden houses:

- are short lived
- cannot withstand cyclone wind forces
- cannot withstand earthquakes
- will be eaten away by termites
- are bug and mold sensitive
- need yearly maintenance
- are not fire resistant
- cannot be insulated
- use any nail to make wood connections 
- do not have an expert team assigned to the company
- do not comply with the international building codes
- do not come with a foundation advice
- do not issue electrical and plumbing drawings
- do not have an after sale services program in place
- do not comply with the world-wide import conditions and regulations (legally felled timber)
- do not come with a warranty
- are not accessible for wheel chairs


Rather believe that our wooden houses:

- have a life time durability
- are cyclone rated in cyclone regions (read the latest about hurricane Irma and hurricane Maria
-< here > )
- withstand earthquakes
- can be made fully termite resistant
- are bug an mold resistant
- need 5 year touch up maintenance only
- has a higher intentional fire resistance than a steel frame building
- can be insulated for both roof and sidings
- only use fixtures made from cut-to-length threaded steel rods, washers and nuts and stainless steel Philips screws 
- have an expert team of university graduated engineers and architects under employment
- fully comply with the International Building Codes (USA) and/or the Eurocodes
- come with a free foundation advice on request
- come with an electrical and plumbing plan on request and on certain conditions 
- have a life time after sale service in place
- have a V-legal certificate in place as proof and evidence that all our wood comes from a legal felling concession and is allowed to be exported  
- will come with a conditional warranty
- are fully accessible for wheel chairs, including toilets and bathroomns


Made from genuine sustainable tropical hardwood <read more>,
 ♦ Hardwood used in termite infested areas is 100% termite resistant <read more>,
 ♦ All boards (planks) kiln dried to 10% moisture content <read more>, 
 ♦ All fixtures from strainless steel grade 304 (standard build) or grade 316 (premium or superior build) <read more>, 
 ♦ Not one nail used. Each part is easy to assemble or dismantle <read more>, 
 ♦ Double layered system of floor joists, hence no floor deflection <read more>,  
 ♦ Double (sandwich) sidings, made from exterior and interior boards creating a cavity for plumbing lines and elecrical cables and creating a possibility for insulation <read more>, 
 ♦ Roof insulation (if required) in accordance with P.T. BALI PREFABWORLD's in-house developed furring strip system, meanhwile approved by the counties of Hawaii <read more>, 
 ♦ 3-layers of interior and exterior Acrylic coating <
 ♦ Glass for large glass areas in doors or windows made from 10 mm thick tempered glass, read more
 ♦ All doors and windows weather and draught sealed <read more>
 ♦ Designed to sustain tropical cyclone winds in areas where such cyclones occur <read more>, 
 ♦ Earthquake resistant <
 ♦ A weekly progress report + pictures will be issued during the prefabrication period. The report will be based on the S-curve method <read more>,  
 ♦ Each unit comes with a warranty <



Reviews from Bali Prefab World

"Dear Bali Prefabworld. Our container arrived a few weeks ago and we have meanwhile re-assembled the structure without any problem. All parts fitted perfectly. The instructions on the re-assembly manual with the 3-D sketches were amazingly precise. The wood is beautiful and everybody loves the fantastic carvings. No cracks no warping anywhere to be seen. The next project will be yours".
Review from: Gary Peton, Maui, Hawaii
Project: Veranda + round access steps and 3-D carved railing system for Maui, Hawaii ,
Date: 28-06-2010.
Rating: 4,5 out of 5.

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